Blossoming Words

“Poem” exudes a periwinkle
While “poetry” is yellow,
“Words” emit a soft forest green
And “mesmerize” twinkles blue.

“Melancholy,” too, marinates in blues
But grey and silver it construes.

“Surprise,” tut tut, is such violent red
That “joy,” dressed in white,
Must clear his shocked head.

Words gambol in a meadow of colors
Colors flourish into flowers of words.

Grey And Pink

A plain all now green
Makes a mockery of me.
Shoots and new leaves of grass
Little flowers newly yellow
They come over me,
In my white marble abode.
How dare they encroach on me here!
The sun, oh that’s fine,
but new greenness divine?
I’m here, can’t you see,
Mourn me! I’m here
And you’re there; I’m
Grey and you’re pink.
Please, please, stop beside me
And think!