Looking For Poems

I’m on a poem walk,

Searching all about.

I look for poems,

Every time I go out.


Some heavy, some hollow

Some squishy or flat

Some tend to follow

And some fly like a bat


Hanging in the air

Or sprouting from the ground

I pick them all up,

Make them fit and sound.


I brush off some commas,

Straighten out some ink

What rhymes? – llamas?

I’ll find some link!


Graft in,

pull out

Verbs, adjectives, adverbs,

Become paramount!


Poems all around!

They’re everywhere, you see.

They wait without a sound

For themselves to come to be.


Twisted in the leaves,

Draped over a sign,

They wait for the words

That will give them design.


Beneath a tree

Or reflected in a puddle

They’re waiting for someone

Them to un-muddle


People ignore,

Pass right on by

But they’re there all the same

For you to espy.


I’m on a poem walk,

Searching all about.

I’m looking for poems,

Every time I go out. 

Baby Elaine

Baby Elaine
Beneath the cedar tree
Exactly three months old
Just a square of concrete
Is all we can behold.

God places little flowers here
With His almighty hand
As if a gift to all below
Who on the black road stand.

“Gone to a better land”
With a lamb crudely carved
Was all they could afford
When in 1932
The whole land starved.

A blanket of soft green grass
Caresses those feet that tread
A comfort to those who wait,
Still living here, for bread.