From the Journal of Neville Longbottom

I didn’t mean to be in Gryffindor.
In the brave house.
The confrontational house.
The house that gave us Dumbledore!
Maybe I’ll amount to something,
Since I’m in Gryffindor.
Gran says
I need to be more like my dad.
We went to visit him and mum before I came here
Since we were in London and we can never be sure
They’ve read my letters.
I told them the news –
I’m magic enough to come to Hogwarts!
I wonder if they’ll read the letter
I wrote them today.
“I’m in Gryffindor!” I said.
“The brave house.”

A Lyric Concerning Depression


Minor notes played in tune,
Scintillating, incandescent blue,
Not even bothering to fade away until
Your minor cacophony is written,
And you, played soft and sweet.
A little universal orchestra of minor strains.

Without obtrusion or delay
The ʼverse in pieces little lay
But while you wander and implore
That poem still says nevermore.

Crushing grapes
Inside your eyes
Makes it sticky
But no wine.



Dust – ashes – bread – wine –

This is the new Covanent given for you

Do this in remembrance of me – 

From Adam and David

To Rahab and Pilate’s wife

Dust speaks

Praise to God, who gave us


The dust

It coats our shoes

Our faces

Our hands

We wash ourselves

In the knowledge of our betrayal

And in redeemed dust

God speaks



The things I don’t deserve laugh at me,

Circling round close.

They have to teach me a lesson.

If I act ungrateful,

Will they go away?

Or maybe if I just

Scream, it will all work out.

But all along the rights

Of those around me linger,

Real and present.

But without them I would be lost.

What if everything just stopped,

And I saw heaven?

What would it change?

A life that saw heaven, without heaven…

It will never happen anyway.


Awake and Disgruntled


I’m training for a job I know nothing about.

How can I prepare without knowing the work?

Arete, a virtue, to know the goal.

Don’t do this, tend toward this, go here and live.

What is the point of it all?

They don’t tell you; I think they forget to.

I need an Epiphany.

An overwhelming beautiful explanation from a beautiful person

To tell me why I was chosen for this.