A Further Light

My sister and I searched the garden at nighttime,

Hoping to catch fairies spreading their sparkling dust.

Once Lucille fell over the stone into the puddle.

All we got were wet knees and muddy shoes

And a hope of something beyond a veil of our own making.

The wet and the cold always go with shadows.

We learned that without illumination one step separates us

From a finite scolding easily replaceable by the next night’s search.


In a grand cathedral my camera snaps

Admiring the hues of a Last Supper scene.

I turn my eyes with reverential intent to the tradition’s art,

When my heart catches the gold of the resurrected Jesus

That pulls me into the light of candles lit for prayers’ ascent.

I saw altar candles illuminate eternity.

A voice calls me, and I turn to answer.

So I walked and walk on in glimpses of a further light.

Rejoicing in the Lord

The trees whisper as I tread
Down this narrow Way,
It’s cool and wet and lovely
Here in the bright of day.

The Path glistens as I dance
Upon the light of day,
And birds exclaim in Victory
As Love begins to light the Way.

The Stars

The stars are cold and shiver,
Dripping raindrops of light
On the cemetery,
Bathing the headstones
Silver and luminous.
The silver lights spread and cover
The feet of those who tread here,
Pondering the night and the light
And what it is that
Makes the stars shiver.