Acrostics: I versus II

Hey, everyone!
     I hope everyone is doing well and has had a wonderful Christmas season. I’ve been mostly resting, catching up with friends, spending a ridiculous amount of money on textbooks, and waiting for the spring semester to begin. It promises to be a very long semester, what with my best friend ( gone to study abroad at Oxford. However, I am grateful beyond grateful for my education and the many wonderful friends I have, both within the English department and outside it! I digress.
     All that said, these next two poems require a bit of explanation. The concept is simple – use the first letters of your name to come up with words that describe you. The first acrostic I wrote at the beginning of my senior year of high school, August 2009, as a get-to-know-you assignment. The second I wrote today, the third of January 2012, just before my fourth semester of college.

(I – 2009)
Consistent and caring
Avid reader
Real and honest
Orchestral music lover and ballroom dancer
Loves making quality friendships
Is a perfectionist
Never wants to be a burden
Excellent hugger

(II – 2012)
Afraid not to know
Results in chaos
Likes the American dream
Notions insubstantial
Emotionally motivated

I wonder, even now, what happened between August 2009 and January 2012. For that there’s a one-word answer: college. At the university, new social, spiritual, and academic situations propelled me to a new self-awareness. Now I don’t mean “self-awareness” in a New Age sense; I just mean that normal process of getting to know oneself. Writing does this to a person. I look back on Acrostic I and realize how prideful I was then. Not to say that I’m not now (everyone has struggles, right?), but I have definitely journeyed far as a person since that high-school me. Professors pushed me to excel beyond anything I had hitherto accomplished. Knowing no one allowed me to make my own friends and a new reputation. New-found independence allowed me to explore spirituality authentically. I suppose I have become more aware of who I really am and what makes me tick.

Have you ever written an acrostic with your name? Have you ever re-read something you wrote and from it learned something about yourself? Post below!

Vignette: Sonnet 116

     Blue eraser shavings covered the desk in Mariah’s dorm room. The most obnoxious girls on campus were screaming and fighting outside her door, and the obnixious peace of homework on campus lay on the desk in front of her. Scansion, really? Why are you doing this to me? The words seemed to changed syllables each time she read them.
     “LET me NOT to THE MARRiage OF true MINDS”
     No, that can’t be right! Mariah groaned.
     “Let ME not TO the MARRiage OF true MINDS…”
     Who believes in the marriage of true minds these days anyway? True love is reserved for Disney princesses and sappy love novels. Not even real-life royalty gets true love. Well, unless you count William and Kate.
Mariah sighed and began again.