Delicately I dipped my heart

Delicately I dipped my heart
In a vat of molten stone
It burned and twitched
But then held still
As its beat began to slow.

My Baby

Oh baby, my baby!
Only six small days old!
You’re the littlest one here,
Only blue among those
Long pallid and grey

One small rectangle
For a pillow, at least
You’ve a warm blanket of leaves,
The trees are lulling a song
With the wind that blows white
There now your head’s uncovered,
And you can see our sky
It’s blue right now
Do you remember blue?
And I’ve come to
See you, my baby,
And us sit here together

You’ve got to stay here, my baby,
I’ve got to leave you here alone
Don’t cry for me, my baby,
My little Curtis, dear;
I’ve left my heart behind me
To keep you warm through tears.