I wrote a poem upon a map And gave it to be scattered To a springtime wind That pinched my skin And to these plains had wandered. The rocks caught my poem long In hands rough and firm They turned it once and shuffled it twice Then back to a map it went It waited […]

A Lyric Concerning Depression

  I. Minor notes played in tune, Scintillating, incandescent blue, Not even bothering to fade away until Your minor cacophony is written, And you, played soft and sweet. A little universal orchestra of minor strains. II. Without obtrusion or delay The ʼverse in pieces little lay But while you wander and implore That poem still […]


Emmanuel. Dust – ashes – bread – wine – This is the new Covanent given for you Do this in remembrance of me –  From Adam and David To Rahab and Pilate’s wife Dust speaks Praise to God, who gave us All The dust It coats our shoes Our faces Our hands We wash ourselves […]

Ash Wednesday Psalm

Stick to us long enough for us to hear you Stay with us for enough time that we can feel The burden of you Scald us with the ashes of our betrayal Sink into our skin your memories of eternal fire Become – Speak – Our foreheads are holy altars We offer to you.     […]


  The things I don’t deserve laugh at me, Circling round close. They have to teach me a lesson. If I act ungrateful, Will they go away? Or maybe if I just Scream, it will all work out. But all along the rights Of those around me linger, Real and present. But without them I […]