For Damen

When life and days are dark,
You bring to me a spark.
With that spark we make a fire
And hope of better days inspire.

When life and days are bright,
You bring to me delight
Where joy and faith and love and peace
Can only grow and never cease.

In the Temples

The veil is thinner than we imagine.
Striding here and there, we carry serpents on our shoulders
And inconclusively think impassive
The time that is a side effect of Being.
The veil is thinner than we hope;
In the temples our sacrifices die, and
Slowly each ripple shows itself to be a choice.

From the Journal of Neville Longbottom

I didn’t mean to be in Gryffindor.
In the brave house.
The confrontational house.
The house that gave us Dumbledore!
Maybe I’ll amount to something,
Since I’m in Gryffindor.
Gran says
I need to be more like my dad.
We went to visit him and mum before I came here
Since we were in London and we can never be sure
They’ve read my letters.
I told them the news –
I’m magic enough to come to Hogwarts!
I wonder if they’ll read the letter
I wrote them today.
“I’m in Gryffindor!” I said.
“The brave house.”

To My Father

From out the fleshly doors do flow
Salty crystals to the world below.
All’s not well in a life so real
While God on high sits and I do feel.

A father’s missed by his voice so kind,
His arms are warm, and so I pine
I cannot but weep the whole night through
When I am, my father, away from you.


I wrote a poem upon a map
And gave it to be scattered
To a springtime wind
That pinched my skin
And to these plains had wandered.

The rocks caught my poem long
In hands rough and firm
They turned it once and shuffled it twice
Then back to a map it went
It waited there beneath my stare
Again to be torn and rent.