From the Journal of Neville Longbottom

I didn’t mean to be in Gryffindor.
In the brave house.
The confrontational house.
The house that gave us Dumbledore!
Maybe I’ll amount to something,
Since I’m in Gryffindor.
Gran says
I need to be more like my dad.
We went to visit him and mum before I came here
Since we were in London and we can never be sure
They’ve read my letters.
I told them the news –
I’m magic enough to come to Hogwarts!
I wonder if they’ll read the letter
I wrote them today.
“I’m in Gryffindor!” I said.
“The brave house.”


One thought on “From the Journal of Neville Longbottom

  1. This poem seems so real to me. I enjoyed it in a way I’ve never enjoyed a poem before. Not sure how to explain it. It starts our with a different assumption form other poems I’ve read, namely that it’s being written by a fictional character. Rather than taking a step away from reality, that seemed to make it more real for me, less pretentious. I guess I often feel vicariously self-conscious for the author of a poem – a person making something so private, subjective and personal into something public. It’s like, “here, watch me bleed now.” But this poem coming from someone other than its literal author frees me (as the reader) from the discomfort of the usual poem situation. That’s one thing.

    Then there’s the details about Neville that feel completely authentic and make me “believe” that Neville wrote it.

    Then there’s what she wrote. Those emotions of self doubt, hope and pride that she’s good enough to be in the brave house. I can so relate. I’ve got tears in my eyes from it and my dog, Halo, has noticed and is coming to my rescue. Ha! She does this.

    Wonderful poem! Thanks.

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