5 E Lesson Plan

Ok, I know that this is a departure from my usual posts, but I’d like y’all’s input. (Yes, I’m from Texas. Yes, I say y’all. Yes, I know it’s not academic.) Those of you who are teachers, students, or really just anyone with a good head on his shoulders, is this a feasible lesson plan for a class period? What do you think?


Engage (Presentation):

            I read La Oruga Muy Hambrienta (The Very Hungry Caterpillar) by Eric Carle to the students. The book itself will capture their attention: everyone, including high schoolers, loves to be read to; the book has bright colors and might hold fond memories; and they will be thrilled to already know most of the vocabulary. It will be a good review for them too, if they have forgotten. This lesson, therefore, can focus more on verbs. It will be an introductory lesson, not an in-depth one.

Explore & Explain (Attention &Co-construction):

            Use questions – Socratic Method – to co-construct what is different about the verbs, such as, “What’s going on in this story?” “What words were you unfamiliar with?” “Where are the verbs here?” “How do you know they’re verbs?” “Ok, they’re verbs, but what’s different about them than we’ve studied so far this semester?” “Who’s doing the action? (What is the subject?)” “So what’s this saying?” “So if I want to say ‘….’, how would I do that?” Etc.

Explain & Elaborate:

            Explain the endings for –er verbs and have them copy the verb endings chart for “-er” verbs, since “comer” (“to eat”) is the main verb in the story.


Elaborate & Evaluate (Extension):

            Play Pictionary: I have a list of the current unit’s vocabulary words, and an infinitive from their vocabulary is on the power point. Two students from each team come up. I point out a vocabulary word (a noun). They draw the word. The first person to make a sentence with the noun and the correct form of the infinitive on the power point gets a point for their team. If they get the vocabulary and not the verb, they get one point.

I apologize for not posting consistently; the above is what my life currently consists of, although I am researching heroism in the Harry Potter series for a term paper, which is exciting.

Thanks for reading and for your input!


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