“They say the loving and the devouring are the same.” – C.S. Lewis, Till We Have Faces

I’ve licked my bloody lips

With my big bloody tongue.

Chomped him all to bits.

Bones are all that’s left.


He was a good man.

2 thoughts on “Devouring

  1. “Lewis says Googling Till We Have Faces and reading summaries will not in any way come near to the depth and richness of it.”

    Dude, he was around for Google??!! And here I was thinking he died in the 60s hahaha

    Maybe I need to read it again, but I didn’t really like it when I (was forced to) read it in high school…..maybe I’ll steal your copy if I ever get done with my stack of reading material haha

  2. Lol! I had totally not noticed that. It’s fixed now; thanks, bro. And Kelsey has my copy, but she happens to be at Oxford… so… it might be summer by the time you can borrow it. 🙂

    Baby sis

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