Vignette: Sonnet 116

     Blue eraser shavings covered the desk in Mariah’s dorm room. The most obnoxious girls on campus were screaming and fighting outside her door, and the obnixious peace of homework on campus lay on the desk in front of her. Scansion, really? Why are you doing this to me? The words seemed to changed syllables each time she read them.
     “LET me NOT to THE MARRiage OF true MINDS”
     No, that can’t be right! Mariah groaned.
     “Let ME not TO the MARRiage OF true MINDS…”
     Who believes in the marriage of true minds these days anyway? True love is reserved for Disney princesses and sappy love novels. Not even real-life royalty gets true love. Well, unless you count William and Kate.
Mariah sighed and began again.

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