The Stars

The stars are cold and shiver,
Dripping raindrops of light
On the cemetery,
Bathing the headstones
Silver and luminous.
The silver lights spread and cover
The feet of those who tread here,
Pondering the night and the light
And what it is that
Makes the stars shiver.

2 thoughts on “The Stars

    1. Thank you, Jessica! Thanks for reading. I encourage you to read the other “On Walking In The Cemetery” poems I have posted; all were inspired by the cemetery beside my dorm. The creative writing class I’m taking took a class period to walk there and write, and I have taken several walks there later and in the Hebrew cememetery behind it as well. A fascinating experience! The Hebrew one seems more peaceful, somehow. Anyway, thanks for reading, and I look forward to reading your posts as well!

      In Christ,

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