Not-So-Childish Worries

You get to be you!

How amazing is that?

Now don’t be so blue;

Let’s have a chitchat.


You think,

“I’m not special.

I’m not pretty

Or very smart.


“I’m not strong

Or super cool.

I don’t belong.

They just ridicule.”


Child, don’t fret.

You don’t know what you bring.

Don’t you forget

Our King of all kings.


He thinks you’re great,

Just super, in fact!

He loves you first-rate,

With all you intact.


You can smile and laugh

And enjoy life’s delights;

You can live and love,

All to new heights!


You love.

And that is the biggest


Of all.

2 thoughts on “Not-So-Childish Worries

  1. Thank you, dharmeshrajput! And thanks for reading. I took a look at your page too – your love poems I read are wonderfully written as well. Have a good day, and I hope you visit my page again soon!
    In Christ,

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